Now located in permanent building rather than tents 😀 -  See Pics page for images.
Event shown above is our private hire event - (no backflips in a standard session)

Reload - Reading is a brand new target sport venue located in the Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading. Book a bay (1-5 people per bay) and come and test your shooting ability in a family friendly, chilled out atmosphere.

The guns used for Laser Clay Shooting fire harmless infra-red beams and so no live ammunition is used. This means no bruises from recoil, no loud noises and a far cheaper plus environmentally friendly way to enjoy shooting!

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Got questions about the activity? .... How old do you have to be? Can you do it in all weathers?

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Laser clay shooting takes the danger out of traditional shooting by firing a harmless infra red beam. Players shoot at plastic discs launched from one of our two launchers.

We can shoot late into the night thanks to our floodlights and serve alcohol and soft drinks throughout the day. We have 5 bays holding up to 5 people each so have a capacity to take groups of up to 25 people.

How to Book / Prices

All bookings are to be made online via this website. Move to the booking tab or click on the button below. Here you will be able to book your bay! (Holding up to 5 people each).

Please note we are a cashless business, so bring your credit/debit cards!

Price £50 - per bay (Max 5 people per bay)
Session 1.5 hours (where we try and fit in as much shooting as possible)!

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