Frequently Asked Questions....

Q: I want to book for tonight/today, how do I make a last minute booking?

A: The booking website will only allow bookings more than 3 hours in advance. If you wish to see if there is any last minute availability please phone 0800 288 4727. Please note that the site only opens when sessions are booked, so please do not arrive on-site without a booking as we may well be closed.


Q: Do I have to book?

A: Yes! Please check availability and book online here. We only open the centre when there are bookings so please book online if you wish to attend.


Q: Is there an age limit to who can participate in laser clay shooting?

A: We recommend that the activity is suitable for those over 12 years old. We find that those older than 12 can usually hold the gun without the use of a stand (we do provide stands for those who struggle to hold the weight of the gun for long periods). You are welcome to bring children younger than 12 but due to the weight of the guns they may not be able to participate. Unfortunately groups of under 12 (parties etc...) we find are not a good fit for the centre and we cannot accommodate such groups. In addition anyone under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

: Can I bring my own gun? / Is this a real shooting range?

A: This is NOT a real shooting range and you can't bring your own gun or any live ammunition. Our specially converted guns fire harmless infra red beams. This means no bruised shoulders, no loud bangs and no smelling of spent cartridges. Just to re-iterate... Laser Clay Shooting is not shooting using real shotguns and cartridges. We do not conduct any live shooting activities at Reload Reading.

Q: Can I bring/order food?

A: Due to hygiene/cleanliness reasons we do not serve or allow food on site. There are a number of restaurants and food venues within walking distance of the centre and we recommend that should you wish to eat you do so prior to or after the event.


Q: Can you play in any weather?

A: The bays are located in the old driving range building and this allows us to operate in most weather conditions. In the instance of extreme weather conditions (storms, high winds etc...) then we are unable to safely conduct the activity. In the event your booking is cancelled due to poor weather you will receive a full refund. All attempts will be made to inform you as soon as possible that your booking may be cancelled however we reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time.


Q: I've never done any type of shooting before, is this ok?

A: We welcome all levels of ability and where possible we try and provide instruction on basic technique. Individuals with no experience in shooting often come away most satisfied having learnt a new skill!


Q: What happens if I need to cancel?

A: Cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours before the event start time and in this instance a full refund will be given. Any cancellations within 24 hours of the event start time will not receive a refund.


Q: Do I need to wear anything in particular?

A: No, the activity is quite casual. It is an outdoor event so as long as you are dressed appropriately for the weather then you'll be fine!


Q: Are refreshments available?

A: We offer a small selection of cold soft and alcoholic drinks available for purchase (card only). Please bring ID if you wish to purchase alcohol as we operate a strict Challenge 25 policy in accordance with our premises licence. Currently we do not serve hot drinks. Please also note that you are not allowed to bring/consume your own alcoholic beverages onto the site.


Q: Do you accept credit/debit card on site?

A: Yes, in fact we DO NOT accept cash. We are a cashless venue and don't keep cash/change on site. So please bring your credit or debit card should you wish to purchase drinks.


Q: Can you shoot at night/in the dark?

A: Yes we have floodlights that illuminate the shooting area, allowing us to continue into the evening.