So we try to keep this as simple as possible!

You pay for a bay (for up to 5 people), rather than paying per person.

£50 for 1.5 Hour Session for up to 5 people

£300 for 1.5 Hour Private Hire up to 25 people
(use of all 5 bays/guns)




So when you book this reserves you your own private bay, and this seats up to 5 people. Each bay has use of its own gun and just like bowling you take turns in shooting the targets presented.

If you want to come and bring 4 mates, then great! Between the 5 of you thats only £10 each!

Alternatively if you want to come along with just one friend that means you'll split the shooting time between the two of you (lots of shooting) and it will be £25 each.

So its up to you how you split it between your group, but we've done the maths for you:

5 People in a bay = £10 per person

4 People in a bay = £12.50 per person

3 People in a bay = £16.67 per person

2 People in a bay = £25 per person

Drinks Menu

Beers - £3 / £3.50

Teas/Coffees - £2.00

Soft drinks - £1.00

Cider - £3.00

Wine - £3.00

Prosecco - £4.00 / £12.00

G&T - £3.00


*Subject to availability and price change

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